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About A.S.A.P. Cat Rescue

Started by a small group of animal lovers in 1998

This Charity started in 1998 by a small group of animal lovers and was registered with the Charity Commission in March 1999. Out of all of the original people that started the Charity only 3 remain, Brenda, Lynn & Tony, all of which are fosterers and trustees.  Then in April 2010 Tracy joined as a volunteer, onto being a fosterer in 2012, then a full member of staff and trustee in January 2013.

Over the years we have gone through some significant changes, we have been virtually penniless and did not know if we could survive or not, fortunately we now have a really good team of trustees and volunteers together to enable us to keep going.  We are now rescuing more cats than ever before, through dedication and hard work the Charity has gone from strength to strength.

We will try to take any unwanted/stray cats into one of our foster homes. Re-homing is a very traumatic event for any pet, therefore we aim to minimise the stress of all our rescue animals by giving them the individual ‘care’ and attention which can only be provided in a warm friendly environment.

We raise most of the funds we need in our charity shop which is based in Waterlooville. Our vets bills are huge and without our charity shop we would find it hard to continue our work. As well as financial aid we also accept cat food to help feed all those hungry mouths in our foster homes. Cat bedding and towels/blankets also very welcome. (Unfortunately we cannot accept old duvets or pillows).

You can also help by visiting our charity shop, making a donation or donating a fixed monthly amount direct from your bank account. We are a non-profit-making organisation and aim to spend all the money raised on animals. If you want more details about ASAP or if you are willing to help us in any way then please Contact one of the committee members.