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You can now donate directly to us from our web-site, you can use your credit or debit card or PayPal
Every penny is needed to feed and care for the cats in our care. We are constantly bursting at the seams with un-wanted and stray/abandoned cats, even £1 can feed 2 cats for a day.

Online Donations

Donations also taken in at our shop in Waterlooville.

So please help us to help them, we need your support.

Thank you

The Team at ASAP

Standing Order Form

A way to help A.S.A.P. in the future

If you are thinking of writing a Will or amending an existing one, leaving a Legacy to this charity can be a really special way of helping our good work to continue in the future.
Writing a Will can seem daunting at first and hopefully below it will answer a few questions.

It is important to write a Will to ensure that the people that you care about will be provided for when the time comes. If you do not have a will your estate will be distributed according to current legislation, if you have no relatives the Government will get everything.

You can leave either a fixed sum called a Pecuniary Legacy or part or all of your estate , once all of your other gifts have been given known as
Residuary Legacy.

If you wish to include this Charity in your Will you will need to consult a Solicitor or a professional advisor to help you word your Will correctly.

To amend an existing will you can update it using a form known as Codicil, your Solicitor/Advisor will help you with this.

You can ask the Law Society for Information on 0207 2421222

We hope that this information is helpful, we appreciate that it is not easy to make these decisions, and would advise anyone to take their time.
However if it is something that you have done or would like to do we would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and if you wish to advise us that you have included us in your will it would be very much appreciated.