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JACK & VICTOR – rehomed

These two are very nervous boys, they were found straying together (someone was feeding them for ages) They need a quiet home together. They are neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped....
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DUKE – rehomed

Duke is 3-4 years old He is neutered and needs to be an only pet. He has had all of his vaccinations and is chipped...
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Buddy is at least 5 years old the person who had been feeding him did so for 5 years! He also like Apollo has a bad neck wound which he is being treated for. He is now neutered so will have to be an indoor cat...
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*Upsetting content*   Another intact male with a terrible wound handed in to the vets recently. He’s going to need lots of patience and TLC to get him on the mend. So pleased he’s with us to get the treatment he needs   His vet treatment will be...
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