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Just wanted to let you know that Kate is doing wonderfully. She goes out into the garden through the dog flap and either back in through it, or jumping up to the bathroom window!
She has stopped all the biting etc. And we can all stroke her rear end and tail with no problem now. She loves playing with her numerous toys and wanders around the house to her hearts content. She loves sitting at any open window, looking out. She is still very wary of the dogs, but has been watching Molly, who isn’t. She came to get some treats alongside Molly today and even though both dogs were in the room she carried on eating until one of the dogs moved. She often sits under the chair in the hall watching us, so I don’t think it will be long till she joins us.
I will get some photos for Tony this week.

Best wishes

Jenny Bunn



After two weeks it looks like Dora’s move to us has been a success for all concerned.

She has settled very nicely after a slightly nervous first evening. A lot of new things to get used to in the first few days especially all the everyday noises, boiler, floorboards, washing machine etc., but they soon became part of her daily life. She behaves quite well, but yes you do have to make sure she can’t get at food pouches, she will pick them off the shelf and puncture them for the fun of it even when she’s not hungry. (Not interested in beer tins yet, thank goodness)

Dora is a great climber and jumper, just loves to get to the highest point in any room no matter how difficult. She has developed a daily routine of curling up in the various warm spots she has found, we can always predict where she will be at any point in time.

A very lively girl first thing in the morning when we get up. She spends at least half an hour exercising, by charging all over the house, up and down stairs several times, then calms down for her daily grooming session. Still she’ll soon be ready for a bit of outside exercise soon.

Regards, Ann & Steve.